Civil War Vocab

Civil War Vocabulary Quiz — April 25

Words in Quizlet for practice!

Plantation – A large farm with crops tended by workers who live there

Planter – The owner of a plantation

Cash Crop – A crop people raised to sell to others

Textile mills – A factory in which fibers, such as cotton or wool, are woven into cloth

Auction – A public sale of goods

States’ rights – The idea that state governments have the right to make certain decisions for themselves

Political party – A group of people in government who try to get agree with their ideas and who choose leaders who share their opinions

Candidate – A person who runs for political office

Secede – To leave

 Confederacy – The confederate states of America

Secessionists – People who wanted to leave or secede

Enlist – To join

Infantry – Foot soldiers

Blockade – A line of warships used to keep other ships from sailing into or out of a port

 Brigade – A group of troops or soldiers

 Assassination – The murder of a political leader

Juneteenth – A holiday in Texas celebrating the freeing of slaves

 Jury – A group of people that decide a case in court

 Segregation – Keeping people in separate groups based on their race and culture

 Amendment – A change in the constitution

 Carpetbaggers -A northerner in the south during reconstruction who carried their things in bags made from carpet

 Sharecropper – A farmer who used a plot of land and was paid by the landowner with a share of the crops

 Credit – A way of buying something by paying for it over time

 Reservation – An area of land set aside by government for use by American Indians

 Buffalo soldier – A nickname given by Native Americans to African American soldiers

Fun STAAR Videos

We focused on relaxation today and being proud of our progress. We watched a few videos, but there were far more out there than we could show in a day! So, if you need a smile and a confidence boost, watch a few of these!




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A Magnificent Year

From all the books, to all the nooks, I  can’t believe it’s the end. From all the grades, to all the spades, I think I’ve made some friends. My teachers this year, makes me tear,when I have to leave. But this chance, made me glance, and my heart I have to heave. The Valentines party was really heart-y and the stone soup has me in a loop. The spelling bee filled me with glee and the groups I know, will never blow. But my favorite thing, is what I have to leave in spring. This grade will always be in my heart, from the the end and to the start.

Rahul’s Awesome Tips About Reasearch

Reasearch is when you study something like when you look up pythons it will give you information about pythons.Basically we are always doing research here are some examples,when you read a book you get info about that book so you are researching the book.Here are some places you can do research at.#1 the library you can find books about what you are researching.#2 your home you can research on your computer.I hope yall can use those tips.





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Research and Online Research By: Jared

The key to good research is to find good sources, but not everything you read is true. The library is a good place to start your research.  You don’t have to read to get research you can use films, dvds, photos and cds. You can also research on the internet. Writers gather info for you by writing books. If you can’t find what you are looking for use quotation marks to find something specific [not pacific]. Definition of research: Research is when you find info on things you’re researching.





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